Hon. Sirajin Rollings-Kamara, Christians in Governance

Honorable Rabbi Sirajin Rollings-Kamara is a former Member of Parliament in Sierra Leone, currently serving as the President and Founder of Christians In Governance and as Focal Person for Micah Global Sierra Leone. He previously worked with Global Recordings Network (formerly Gospel Recordings) for 15 years and served as Coordinator for West and Central Africa.…

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[Webinar] Building institutions of integrity: The role of an anti-bribery management system as a structured approach

Leaders play a key role in building a culture of and value for integrity in their company or organization. But what happens when that person of integrity leaves? How can we make integrity a permanent part of our company or organization? This webinar with Mark Lovatt from Trident Integrity digs into the process for making…

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[Article] The Other Pandemic: COVID and the Cost of Corruption

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a drastic human toll, infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. This is not only a health crisis but also an economic and social one. Throughout the world, the virus has compelled governments to severe lock downs, causing the most brutal recession in living memory. The impact of the virus, however, is not the same for everyone.

Felipe Augusto, ANAJURE

Felipe Augusto is the Executive Director of ANAJURE (Brazilian Association of Christian Lawyers), a non-governmental organization focused on the defense of the fundamental civil liberties, in particular religious freedom, freedom of expression, and migrants’ rights. Recognizing that it is impossible to effectively protect and promote civil liberties without combating corruption, part of Felipe’s work has…

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Alfred Wimana Sebahene, St John’s University of Tanzania Dodoma, Tanzania

Dr. Alfred Wimana Sebahene holds a PhD in Systematic Theology from University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, majoring in Public Theology, Theological Ethics and Anti-Corruption Studies, and holds MA and BA Honours degrees from Middlesex University, Oak Hill College, London, United Kingdom. For the last thirteen years, Alfred has been a lecturer, researcher, social ethics specialist and anti-corruption consultant at…

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[Article Review] “The Psychology Behind Unethical Behavior”

Some introductory comments by Kelly O’Donnell, PsyD on the article:The Psychology Behind Unethical Behavior by Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg, Harvard Business Review (12 April 2019) A bitter truth is better than a sweet lie. Uzbek proverb Wondering what makes us “tick” when it comes to making unethical decisions? This article can help. It offers a quick, readable…

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[Webinar] Open Consultation: How to use digital media to stir believers into action?

In response to a lively email dialogue, we organized a webinar consultation hosted by Peter Mathias about his ongoing work in Nigeria. Peter kicked off the discussion with context about his work, then invited a discussion that dove into positive messaging strategies, collaboration, and potential examples to learn from in Uganda, Honduras, and Kenya. Video Audio only


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