Resources about corruption and the church are constantly being created. This library facilitates global circulation, encourages commentary, and helps track trends of the conversation on faith and public integrity.

This library provides an annotated and selective bibliography on issues corruption relevant to FPIN members. Each entry contains a brief summary of the content, some relevant highlights, and links to the original source document. This library does not opine on the quality or merits of each resource. This library is a means for FPIN to realize its goals (a) to seek to build up and sustain Christians already involved in public integrity and anti-corruption work; and (b) raise awareness about faith and public integrity within the body of Christ.

Background on Corruption

In this section you will find some of the most known and cited academic resources providing an overall analysis of corruption, primarily from a political, economic and governance perspective. These resources cover the most salient points in the anti-corruption discourse.

Religion and Corruption

In this section you will find a list of resources which deal with the connection between religion in general and corruption. It is split into the macro-level and micro-level analyses of their relationship.

Christianity and Corruption

In this section you will find a more complete list of theoretical and practical resources that explore the connection between Christianity and corruption. This section attempts to provide a list as exhaustive and practical as possible. 

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