An article by Kelly O’Donnell organizes and introduces 10 integrity and anti-corruption resources that have been developed within the Lausanne Movement; 5 resources were written for its third Congress (2010), and 5 resources have been written since then (2010-2020).

  1. We have a Problem!—But There Is Hope!, by Jane Overstreet
  2. Salt and Light: Christians’ Role in Combating Corruption, by Paul Batchelor and Steve Osei-Menash
  3. “Good News” in the Fight Against Corruption, by Roberto Laver
  4. Blogs Related to Integrity and Health, by Kelly O’Donnell
  5. Confronting Idolatry, by Chris Wright
  6. Choosing to be Salt and Light: Can the Church in India Become a Model in the Fight for AntiCorruption? by Arpit Waghmare
  7. Integrity, the Lausanne Movement, and a Malaysian Daniel, by David Bennett
  8. A Summons to a Global Integrity Movement: Fighting Self-Deception and Corruption, by Kelly O’Donnell and Michèle Lewis O’Donnell
  9. Do We Care About Corruption? How Integrity Can Tame the Beast of Bribes and Extortion, by Manfred Kohl
  10. Video: The Greatest Threat to Your Ministry is You: Calling the Church Back to Humility, Integrity, and Simplicity, by Michael Oh

These resources have practical applications at the individual, institutional, and international levels of society, and everything in-between, forming part of the collective roadmap which preserve Lausanne’s institutional memory about integrity advocacy and inform our collaborative efforts to promote moral resilience and relevance within the international Church-Mission Community.

Ten Resources for Integrity and Anti-Corruption (2010-2020)

by Kelly O’Donnell, PsyD

Published November 2020 on The Lausanne and World Evangelical Alliance Integrity and Anti-Corruption Network