The Faith and Public Integrity Network is composed of brave people seeking to fight the root causes and long-term effects of corruption. This difficult work takes technical expertise and a deep commitment to sowing the seeds of shalom in the world. FPIN builds the relational connections that lead to technical collaboration and spiritual support among its membership. With 70% of FPIN members in senior positions of influence at their organization, FPIN has become a powerful network. FPIN members are working in all sectors across the globe, working at 30 organizations in more than 20 countries.

The Faith and Public Integrity Network aims to address corruption by nurturing an enduring global community of Christians who pursue public integrity work in their local communities, nationally, and globally.

FPIN Goals

FPIN builds connections and curates content

FPIN3: January 2020, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
5-day learning trip hosted at the Association for a More Just Society, Building Justice Growing Hope
FPIN2: September 2018, Manila, Philippines
3-day consultation track + two FPIN network strategy meetings, Hosted at the Micah Global Consultation

Our CONNECTION work is focused on building relationships among FPIN members, with non-members, and with outside organizations. Relationship building is a fundamental focus of FPIN. In-person and virtual events invest in our existing membership by providing technical and spiritual support. Research shows that collaboration is most resilient and best catalyzed when founded on direct, personal relationships between senior leaders of organizations. This relationship-first approach to collaboration builds trust as a resilient foundation for learning and exchange around these difficult topics. By hosting and attending both high-profile and high-volume events, the topics of faith and public integrity (as well as their strategic intersection) are planted and cultivated on the global stage.

FPIN1: September 2016, Oxford, UK
3-day consultation, Hosted at the Oxford Center for Mission Studies

Our CONTENT work is focused on creating, curating, and publishing written content online. This content enables members to share ideas, proclaim stories, and advocate for change. FPIN is highly invested in curating resources that deal with the challenges, opportunities, and theology that lie at the intersection of faith and public integrity. Story-led content, such as case studies and member highlights, make faith-driven anti-corruption work relatable, accessible, and appealing to people not yet involved in such work. Publishing members’ work also facilitates more targeted networking among existing and potential network members, especially for people who lack a broad, public platform of their own. To provide a focal point for Christians pursuing anti-corruption work, FPIN also creates a clear gathering space for networking, knowledge-sharing, and prayer. As a deep and trustworthy resource, FPIN will be strategically placed to showcase the importance and relevance of how people’s faith can motivate highly effective anti-corruption work, demystify these challenging topics,  educate those who are interested, and guide more and more people into faith and public integrity work.

Steering Committee

Martin Allaby
Faith in Government, UK

Vilma “Nina” Balmaceda
Peace and Hope International, USA/Peru

Roberto Laver
Fides, USA/Latin America

Hon. Rabbi, Sirajin Rollings-Kamara
Christians in Governance, Sierra Leone

Arpit Waghmare
Operation Nehemiah, India

Felipe Augusto

Elisama W. Daniel
ACROSS, South Sudan

Niels Riconalla
Fellowship of Christians in Government, Philippines

Jill Stoltzfus
Association for a More Just Society, USA/Honduras

FPIN is proudly supported by
the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
Faith in Government, and Fides

Note: FPIN members join as individuals and do not represent the organizations they work for. Network members join FPIN to connect personally and deeply with other Christians who are passionate about fighting corruption.