This event explores this year’s theme for Global Integrity Day, corruption and poverty, by featuring the work of the Asociación para una Sociedad Más Justa in Honduras (Association for a More Just Soceity, ASJ), followed by an overview of Global Integrity Day and recent examples of similar global initiatives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted disparities in access to healthcare and economic support the poor experience around the world. In an effort to advance its mission to work for justice for the most vulnerable in Honduras, ASJ took up the task of auditing the institution in charge of purchasing equipment and medical supplies during the COVID crisis and, as a result, uncovered corruption within that process. Their courageous work inspired changes at the government level to try to ensure better care for all people in Honduras. 

ASJ’s work of auditing these purchasing processes during COVID-19 was one of the winners of the World Justice Challenge 2021. Visit the webpage to learn more about the details of their work.


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