Felipe Augusto is the Executive Director of ANAJURE (Brazilian Association of Christian Lawyers), a non-governmental organization focused on the defense of the fundamental civil liberties, in particular religious freedom, freedom of expression, and migrants’ rights.

Recognizing that it is impossible to effectively protect and promote civil liberties without combating corruption, part of Felipe’s work has been to mobilize churches and church-related organizations (schools, universities, missionary agencies) to be examples of combatting corruption and promoting integrity.

Through Legal Opinions and Advocacy Letters, ANAJURE leads a coalition of organizations from the evangelical segment, in order to facilitate a collective Christian response to corruption in the public sphere and to challenge and encourage those in positions of power whose policies or actions can make a difference, to bring about change. The legal briefs aim to bring a technical perspective to the problems related to public governance, integrity and corruption, which result in recommendations to advance policies and lawmaking.

Implementing good practices in church governance is also a priority area, through promoting, for instance, compliance and oversight mechanisms. Besides, Felipe works in designing and promoting training Programs for public officers, law professionals and religious leaders to be effective agents of change in promoting integrity, through partnering with influential education and research centers

Felipe is a PhD candidate in Public Law at University of Coimbra, Portugal, holds a Master’s Degree in International and European Law by University of Coimbra and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Brazilian Journal of Law and Religion (ReBraDiR).