The Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa (ASJ) is a Christian, Honduran NGO that fights corruption and works to ensure that the Honduran government functions well for the benefit and well-being of all Hondurans, especially the marginalized and vulnerable.  

In all its work, ASJ takes seriously the calls of Biblical prophets to fight for justice for the oppressed and to root out corruption wherever they find it in Honduran government institutions. In its mission to fight against corruption and for justice, ASJ has learned that a brave commitment to their work can bring about real change, particularly when this work is rooted in careful investigations, indisputable research, and close relationships with the people involved. ASJ has found success through pressuring government to implement reforms via the media, legal action, and social movements; but the most significant transformation has come when ASJ supported the government in that change, working with government officials to propose, implement, and oversee reforms.

In its inaugural issue, the Christian Relief, Development, and Advocacy Journal published an article which explains ASJ’s theory of change that simultaneously applies pressure and provides support to the government to bring about more just outcomes for the general population of Honduras. The paper also details a case study of ASJ’s work in public education and explains how, over the last decade, ASJ has been instrumental in bringing about transformational improvements in hiring practices, number of class days, and overall institutional integrity in the Ministry of Education. 

Featured photo: Como parte de la comision de expertos, by ASJ Honduras

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