FPIN’s October webinar focused on gathering in prayer for each country and the challenges each member was facing in their work. With four FPIN members, the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America were represented on the call – what a testament to the global reach of God’s people working towards God’s shalom!

Sirajin Rollings-Kamara was elected as a Member of Parliament in Sierra Leone, until he was unjustly removed from his post May 31, 2019, along with 9 other Members of Parliament of the same party. Their posts were filled with 10 Members of Parliament from the opposite party, the party of the current President; this shifted the Parliament majority to favor the President’s party. Since then, Sirajin has lifted his voice to right this wrong. He is currently in London, meeting with organizations who have been supporting governance projects in Sierra Leone, to assess the situation and to consider confronting this injustice. Please pray for other Christians and government officials to have increased boldness and stand along with Sirajin in this struggle for justice.

Arpit Waghmare is working on two major projects at Operation Nehemiah. First, is a major publication which integrates real stories about financial integrity in India with a Bible study on Ezra and Nehemiah. They are also conducting a 10-pronged change intervention across an entire church denomination. There is a missing common language to talk about financial integrity in India because there are so many different local interpretations of what financial integrity means; Operation Nehemiah is not only creating the common language, but also enabling churches to practically engage with the subject matter from the perspective of Scripture. Both projects are major undertakings which require much thought and coordination.  Please pray for the Operation Nehemiah team to approach this work prayerfully, humbly, and effectively.

Martin Allaby shared his concern that the United Kingdom is in the midst of challenges that have not been faced for centuries. A stable democracy and respect for the rule of law have existed for a very long time, but these appear under threat in the current state of affairs. Please pray for justice and truth to prevail in the United Kingdom.  Martin is writing a review and critique of the World Bank’s strategy against corruption, where he advocates that faith should be a considered as a key factor in new anticorruption strategies.

Elda Valim Fim has been hard at work trying to bring an end tax secrecy and increase fiscal transparency in Brazil. She is working on building communal social auditing systems that hold public hospitals to a higher standard of making strong and legitimate contracts with vendors. Please pray that God will have mercy and help Brazil confront this big problem of corruption.

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