Worship together.
Learn more from change-makers.
Visit transforming communities.
Build relationships.

The Faith and Public Integrity Network aims to address corruption by nurturing an enduring global community of Christians who pursue public integrity work in their local communities, nationally, and globally. We meet every ~2 years to connect with each other in person, usually having our gathering coincide with a larger event that is relevant to our members. By connecting our gathering to a larger event, we are able to take advantage of infrastructure, content, and networking opportunities beyond FPIN.

The upcoming fpin3 gathering will be January 21-26, 2020 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. fpin3 will coincide with a building dedication for the Association for a More Just Society. FPIN members will join the event as regular attendees, but we will have FPIN-specific small group and evening meetings throughout the event. FPIN events will coincide with the 4-day trip advertised on the conference website.
If you plan to attend, please Get in touch with our network coordinator, Benji Moncivaiz. Via email or contact us form

Transport, housing, transport, and food logistics and fees will be handled through the local AJS team. Because the FPIN meetings are organized independently from the conference schedule, you will not see FPIN meetings on the standard conference schedule; you will only see FPIN-specific meetings in communications from our Network Coordinator, Benji.


The AJS conference is focusing on four key areas, all relevant to FPIN members:

1) AJS core theory of change and development over the years
2) Using rigorous research and evaluation to promote transformation
3) Building and sustaining collaborative movements with other key actors (especially the church)  
4) Balancing work within communities and impacting system level change

We are very excited to be partnering with AJS in our bi-annual FPIN meeting because it will provide key space for FPIN members to reconnect, consult, and learn from each other, while simultaneously give FPIN members a special up-close look at 20 years of AJS’s transformational justice work in Honduras.

  • Visit communities where AJS is building peace
  • Tour Honduran institutions where AJS is increasing transparency
  • Dive into a public integrity issue that compels you with a community of justice-seekers
  • Build relationships with influential change-makers, our staff, and beneficiaries
  • Hear from and engage with well-known speakers on public integrity and justice topics

Learn more about AJS here:

More details

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