In Nigeria, corruption is a big problem. It goes far beyond bribery & stealing of public funds – greediness is a way of life among the people. The most annoying aspect of this is the church not standing up to resist this bad behavior.

Peter Mathias is the Senior Pastor of “Sufficient Power In Christ Church” in Lagos, Nigeria. Peter hears fellow preachers talk about how God wants us to prosper, but he believes that more than prosperity, God wants us to live in truth. He hears talk about the challenge of terrorism, but none that state that the root is corruption. Pastors preach about wealth and prosperity, but are fearfully quiet on the issue of corruption. He believes that the challenge of corruption has its roots in culture.  Anti-corruption interventions by the federal government or international bodies may build strong institutions, but do not address the root issues. Christians can solve the problem of corruption if we stand up to promote often neglected truths among ourselves.

So three years ago, Peter started writing.

He formed a movement, an anti-corruption Christian initiative “Voice Of God Movement” a movement of the gospel that can bring church reform and societal renewal by producing materials and sharing it with the people of Lagos. Written tracts are printed and posted to public places. Audio copies of the document are given to the local Pentecostal Association in Lagos Mainland. Peter dreams of rallies and campaigns that mobilize Christians to stand up and help alleviate poverty in Nigeria by saying no to corruption.

Peter underscores that 50% of Nigerians live in abject poverty, according to the World Bank PovcalNet, and 46% of Nigerians are Christians, according to World Christian Database. The Church can make a difference in the country by faith, alongside with holy actions against corruption. Corruption is the main obstacle to poverty alleviation & economic development in Nigeria.