Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell are Consulting Psychologists and passionate about good practice in Christian organizations, promoting leadership integrity and understanding the psychological processes that help or hinder integrity.

Most recently, Kelly’s commitment to confronting corruption has led him to doing a combined food fast and hunger strike to draw attention to the lack of disclosures by organizations and people affected by the international Nordic Capital Investment KB fraud (NCI) as well as the related dismissals that he and Michèle received. You can read or listen about his fast and strike journey here.  Michèle and Kelly will be taking on the second period of fasting-striking from December 6-26, 2019, strategically overlapping with the United Nations International Anti-corruption Day, and encouraging others to join together in solidarity. 

They are founders of Member Care Associates (MCA), actively engage in the PETRA People Network, and are on the Executive Team for the Lausanne Movement-World Evangelical Alliance Integrity and Ant-Corruption Network.

Selected resources from Kelly and Michèle:

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